• Asmere Orngen

    Asmere Orngen

    Mystic, Makashi Duelist, Mirialan Male
  • Avlin Thorn

    Avlin Thorn

    A Smuggler pilot out for Revenge
  • Garen Moskel

    Garen Moskel

    Human Force-sensitive Seeker/Pathfinder
  • Jack Stone

    Jack Stone

    human, avg height, weight, build. No distinguishing features/tattoos. (unless you count the matched six guns, long rider coat, hat, and boots).
  • James Marek

    James Marek

    Former Scout Tropper/ Defected/ Pathfinder
  • Shann Skirata

    Shann Skirata

    6'0" Big, athletic build, shaved head no scars, no facial hair, looks very much like a clone from the clone wars