No'van "Mystrider"

Rebellious Noble


Race: Chiss
Gender: Male
Skin: Light Blue
Eye Color: Red (slightly luminescent)
Hair: Black, messy locks that go slightly past his ears.
Build: Medium/Svelt/Athletic – 5’6"
Standard Clothing: White padded bodysuit with panels. Usually carrying a large bag full of computers, datapads, and other hacking equipment.

Friendly to most, extremely intelligent. Uses humor to deflect personal questions and to downplay the fact that he is much more cunning than he appears. Tends to appear gregarious at times, but can be intentionally deceptive. Likes to hide in plain sight. When working/slicing/repairing he is extremely focused and calm under fire. Sometimes his true thoughts and beliefs motivate his actions that, to others who do not know him well, might consider reckless youth. Likes to let people believe whatever they want about him. The only time he appears to be flustered is when he can’t slice a computer or repair machinery/electronics. His “work” is very important to him. Has a mischievous streak. Also, due to his noble upbringing, he can be somewhat bourgeois.

Little would expect the infamous Slicer with the Holonet moniker “Mystrider” would actually be just a plain looking 23 year old Chiss from the Core Worlds, but that’s all No’van really is. Outside of his blue skin and red — lightly glowing — eyes, he’s pretty average looking, even for a Chiss. No prominent features stand out or pull him out of a crowd.

However what has truly set No’van apart has been his mind. Since he’s been young, he’s played and tinkered with computers and electronics, quickly learning that he had a natural talent with them, particularly when it came to getting them to do what he wanted or getting into things he shouldn’t.

This stemmed from the fact that he was mostly bored during his childhood. He grew up on Coruscant and was sucked into Imperial High Society as a child thanks to his extremely wealthy father’s success as a politician of minor influence. Yet, even minor influence went a long way in the crumbling Imperial Sentate, as long as one played the game — and kissed the right boots — so his father found success.

Because of this, No’van found himself raised by caretakers and servants more than his parents, considering his father was never around and his mother died inexplicably while he was very young.

Having access to plenty of money and not a lot of responsibilities caused a bored youth in No’van and early in his life he started playing around in Holo-networks he shouldn’t; particularly Imperial ones. He became adept at slicing and finding information, not just because of his skills but also his father’s status.

At times, once his father realized he had a gift for this work, his father would even come to him and ask No’van to dig up information on a political rival, criminal, or other person of interest. These were the only times in No’van’s upbringing that he would get ‘quality’ father/son time. He enjoyed it, but quickly would find himself feeling abandoned again once his father was happy with the data No’van found, running off back to the Senate to verbally slay another political opponent.

As time went on, No’van would spend more and more time on the Holonet, never leaving his room in his family’s large Coruscanti mansion. He practically lived on the ‘net. He was like a sponge, reading and taking in information, most of it he never intended to actually use, but he would store it away in his memory regardless. Knowledge on the Core Worlds and Outer Rim, knowledge of customs and cultures, news and gossip around the galaxy. So of course, No’van eventually found out about the Rebellion early.

Originally, he never personally saw any atrocities committed by the Empire. It was pretty cushy up in his Imperial mansions and towers. But he read about them. Would see holo-vids. And generally was shocked to see the Empire tightening it’s grip in such violent ways. Eventually he learned the truth: the Empire was more than a New Order for galactic peace. It was dark and tyrannical, commonly repressing non-humans or poor planets and societies, and imposing it’s will on anything or anyone found to further the cause of the Imperial war machine. No’van learned he was in the minority when it came to safety and comfort. The Empire was very different outside of Coruscant.

Alderaan was downplayed on Coruscant, as well. And sure, some of it was Rebel propaganda, but even the propaganda wasn’t embellishing too much. It’s hard to ignore the destruction of an entire planet. At the moment he learned about the truth of Alderaan, No’van made a choice.

Chiss tend to age and mature quickly (by human standards), so by 15 he looked like he was closer to 25, and he felt prepared to take out on his own. He wasn’t much by way of adventuring, but he was determined to make a change in his life. He was going to join the Rebellion.

This decision wasn’t completely altruistic either. Imperial authorities were starting to ask questions, dig around about a slicer with the moniker “Mystrider” and a couple times got a little too close. This complication, coupled with the fact that No’van was really not wild about the Empire or his dad who certainly stood for everything “Imperial” in No’van’s life, made the decision easy for No’van. Not to mention, resented the human leadership that he saw his father kowtowing to. He felt that at the very least, all species and planets should have a say in a greater galactic society. And at best, the Chiss should have been the ones to lead the galaxy into higher existence.

So, one quiet day, No’van hopped in a speeder, booked passage on a public freighter — under a falsified name he sliced into the system himself — and took off to find the Rebellion.

While he expected his welcome to the Rebellion to be with open arms, it was anything but that. The Rebel contacts he fished out of a backlogged network somewhere eventually agreed to meet with him and bring him into the Rebellion, but that was a ploy. When he finally met up with Rebel agents, they ambushed and captured him. Turns out he wasn’t as crafty as he thought at the time, as they realized he had noble-ties to the Empire. They saw him as a well to pump for Imperial secrets and untrustworthy, as he could have been a double-agent trying to infiltrate the Rebellion for his Imperial ties.

After a bit of convincing and a lot of cooperation, the Rebels began to treat No’van more as an acquaintance and less of a prisoner. Eventually he was allowed to roam the Rebel base where he was detained and started to impress some of the engineers with his technical knowledge and skill. It helped that he wielded information like a lightsaber of the Jedi of old and always knew just what to do and say to the officers in the base. Nothing was wrong with slicing into an compatriot’s personal messages, only to learn they really liked a certain type of Corellian brandy, only to use that information to happen to gift that exact same brandy to the officer weeks later once he ordered it on the Holonet. Right?

Once he earned a bit of trust (genuine or manufactured), he tried to sign up for various field-operations with the Rebels, but was commonly denied due to the fact that he was too young and inexperienced with real combat. Despite his species’ rapid-maturing nature, the officers he found himself reporting too considered his mental-attitudes as still in their youth. So, for many of the early years of the Galactic Civil War, he did nothing. But he learned.

Using his knowledge and skills he could casually run into the Rebel commanders and officers at the right times. Again nothing wrong with slicing into a Rebel database if it held calendars and schedules of important Rebel leaders within the base. And definitely nothing wrong with himself nonchalantly striking up conversations with those officers when he did. The way No’van saw it, if he got in front of the right people, proved himself, and got more exciting assignments where he could really flourish with his skills, the Rebellion would ultimately benefit – so what’s a few compromised data centers, backdoor access to holo-mail, and a couple trojan viruses (just in case) between friends?

Despite his conniving, his true moment came during an Imperial attack on the base No’van was stationed at. Out of what seemed to be pure bad-luck, a single Star Destroyer came out of hyperspace above the moon in which the group of Rebels No’van was attached to resided on. The Rebels and their base were disguised as a common, innocuous mining operation. Suspicious, the Imperials launched a shuttle to the surface with several officers and storm troopers to make sure everything about this “mining operation” was up to code.

During this inspection, No’van was able to get close enough to the officers, posing as a simple miner, to hack into their datapads with his own and remotely access a deeper network within the Star Destroyer’s internal network. Shortly after, the Imperials congratulated the “Miner Foreman” — who was actually the Rebel Base’s commander — on a successful mining operation. Then they got back on their shuttle and left. And that’s when the Star Destroyer opened fire, orbitally bombarding the moon.

The Rebels had a contingency in place, of course, secret transports and fighters loaded up and ready to escape via holes in the surface that connected to large underground caves. But the issue was that the Star Destroyer in orbit would surely either shoot them down as soon as they attempted to flee or launch starfighters to pursue them — probably both. So, while the Rebels had time to retreat to the underground facilities, they were essentially trapped, and the base’s shields would only last so long.

During the chaos, while Rebels scrambled to load transports with essential personnel and gear under the thudding of turbolasers tearing up the surface, No’van casually strolled to the nearest holo-terminal. Using the access codes he found while snooping around in Imperial officers’ datapads, he was able to remotely access and disable the Star Destroyer in orbit that was currently bombing him and his compatriots. He disabled many of the Destroyer’s systems with various network attacks and viruses. While this didn’t do any physical damage to the Destroyer, he was able to close launch bays, turn off weapons, and cause enough digital trauma to the ship’s electronic systems to buy time, enough time to allow him and his compatriots an easy escape.

He was later lauded as the local detachment’s hero and earned a medal for his quick, life-saving actions. But more importantly, he earned the respect and trust of his reluctant compatriots. He went from a burden or nuisance that the Rebels only really kept around to keep him from fleeing back to his Imperial family, to a respected member of the Rebellion.

Soon he found himself with the pick of his options for missions. Of course, sometimes he would be chastised for breaking internal Rebel network security to be placed on the roster for some of the missions he still didn’t have access to. But No’van’s superiors soon found he was extremely useful, so they overlooked his frequent breaches of protocol.

Now, as the Empire has lost it’s second Death Star, No’van has found himself a minor hero in the Rebellion throughout various adventures, and a member of an elite squad. He’s turned his dull existence into one of adventure and excitement. But of course, he has only just started.

Unbeknown to all but his closest Rebel compatriots, No’van knows he is being pursued. His father has not ignored No’van’s years-long absence and wishes for No’van to rejoin him and their extended family.

His father hasn’t stooped to using scum like bounty hunters, since they tend to rough up the living cargo from time to time, but he has used his connections, influence, and wealth to make sure Imperial agents keep a look out for the wayward son. So far, No’van has kept a step ahead of his pursuers. He’d much rather run into an entire Imperial garrison than one officer that knows his dad. So he’s been stepping lightly.

And despite all that, No’van might have an even more detrimental secret…

No'van "Mystrider"

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